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Over the last 20 years, Morocco has positioned itself as an emerging power in the world and as a key economic player on the African continent.Through the establishment of modern infrastructure, sectoral strategies, high- speed industrialization, the development of green energy and the signing of several free trade agreements with major global economic players, Morocco has become a prominent player in continental and international policies.

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FEB 2021

Tourism Tops List of 34 New Approved Project Investments in Morocco

Morocco’s Investment Commission has pledged to drive up investments in the country’s tourism sector, with plans to accelerate post-pandemic recovery and generate thousands of jobs in the sector.

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US Embassy Highlights Morocco’s ‘Growing Status’ as Gateway to Africa

Rabat - The US Charge d’affaires, David Greene said he was “thrilled” to visit the Tanger Med Port recently.In a readout about Green’s visit to the Moroccan port, the US embassy in Rabat quoted the Charge d’Affaires as describing the port as one of the “largest container ports in the world.”.

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OCT 2021

Morocco Becomes Africa’s Auto Manufacturing Hub

Rabat – Morocco’s Automotive industry is relatively growing each year with car sales exceeding 160,000 units in 2021, and creating over 220,000 direct jobs.

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Nov 30

African Development Bank: Morocco's Tangier-Med Port is a model for Nigeria

Denver- The President of the African Development Bank, Akinwumi Adesina, highlighted Morocco’s maritime infrastructure as an example of excellence in a phone conversation with Nigerian ministerial officials during a two-day performance retreat in Abuja on Monday, October 11.

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Accords de libre échange

Le Maroc a conclu une panoplie d'accords de libre-échange, donnant accès à un pool de 1,3 milliard de consommateurs dans le monde.


Morocco is a gateway to Africa and the Arab world. ... No-one can deny the geographical diversity and richness of Morocco, a country that mesmerises the whole world. The captivating charm of the Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines, the vast mountainous forests, and the glittering Sahara give Morocco a unique character.

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Invest In Morocco has the ambition to go a step further while being the most attractive destination to invest in the region.This ambition will be supported by a new identity .

Investment from the EU

Most of the FDIs injected in Morocco came from the European Union with France, the major economic partner of the north African kingdom, topping the list with investments worth $1.86bln, followed by Spain ($783mln), the report said. The influx of European countries in Morocco's FDI represents 73.5% of the global amount received in 2007, according to the report which was presented by Souraya Ouali of the Direction of Investments.

Investment from the Arab World

19.3% of the investments came from Arab countries, whose share in Morocco's FDI showed a marked rise, as they only represented 9.9% of the entire FDIs in 2006. A number of Arab countries, mainly from the Persian Gulf are involved in large-scale projects in Morocco, including the giant Tanger Med port on the Mediterranean. Morocco remains the preferred destination of foreign investors in the Maghreb region (Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco and Tunisia), with a total of $13.6mln between 2001 and 2007, which puts it largely on the top of the list.

Investment per sector

n terms of sectors, tourism has the lion's share with $1.55bln, that is 33% of the total FDIs, followed by the real estate sector and the industrial sector, with respectively $930mln and $374mln. Moroccan expatriates' share of the FDI stood at $92mln in 2007, up from $57mln in 2006, and they touch mainly the sectors of real estate, tourism and catering, according to the report.

Recent developments

Expectations for 2008 are promising, noting that 72 projects were approved for a global amount of $9.28bln. These are due to open 40,023 direct job opportunities. Morocco is also a source of foreign investments. In 2007, it has injected $652mln in projects abroad, which put the kingdom in the third position in Africa, UNCTAD said.

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